Breast enlargement is a common cosmetic surgery procedure that is done to the breasts of a woman to increase bust size, raise the breast contour, or solve other issues such as drooping/sagging breasts to restore sexual appeal.breast implants spine back pain

Breast enlargement, also known as breast augmentation, can either involve surgical or non-surgical procedures. Non-surgical enlargement lifts normally involve methods such as, push-up bras, breast enlargement creams and vibration belts. In the cases of surgical breast enlargement, the procedure may involve sedation, incision and surgery, where breast implants are fitted. A woman’s breasts are subjected to various changes during various stages of her lifetime.

These characteristic changes together with changes in elasticity of the skin eventually lead to sagging, reduction in size or loss of the firm and youthful look of breasts. Drooping or reduction in breasts size is generally caused by factors such as aging, pregnancy, breastfeeding, loss of weight, gravitation, and hereditary causes among others.

While most of these procedures are effective in restoring the feminine appeal, do they have an impact as far as deterioration of spine health is concerned? Here are some pointers that can help candidates considering breast enlargement to best mitigate future spinal conditions, or worse, spine surgery.

Larger Breasts Will Mean Additional Weight

Depending on how much a candidate wants her breast size to be enhanced, there will definitely be an increase in breast weight. As far as posture is concerned, the architecture of the musculoskeletal system is configured in such a way that the spine can adjust positioning to support the weight of the upper body parts and attain balance.

With increased weight at the bosom area, a physicist can argue that there will be a shift in COG (center of gravity), which could in turn affect the integrity of the spinal column at it, tries to adjust to counterbalance the additional weight. In turn, there is possibility that extensive breast enlargement procedures or insertion of overly large implants could contribute to degeneration of in vertebral discs and possibly lead to conditions such as Spondylosis (condition associated with painful spinal column), herniated discs, and scoliosis.

Posture Change with Breast Enlargement

After an extensive breast enlargement procedure, a woman may alter their posture without necessarily being aware. The chest area tends to be pushed out to attain balance. In this case, the upper back gets pulled back while the lower back undergoes some sort of curvature to distribute the additional weight in the front accordingly. While this may occur unconsciously, it is a change in posture that is hard to maintain without significantly affecting the spine in the long run.

Factors to Consider When You Want Larger Breasts

The extent in which the spine is affected by a breast enlargement procedure will depend on how large a candidate wants their breasts to be. It will also depend on whether a woman has had larger breasts before, which perhaps reduced due to weight loss or some other factor.

In such a case, the impact on the spine may not be as unpleasant as in the opposite scenario. To avoid the possibility of inducing spinal curvature and being at risk of developing long term spinal complications, it is important that a woman avoids the type of extensive procedures where overly large breast implants are involved. Instead, it can be more advisable to go for natural-looking breast implants or other more subtle forms of breast enlargement to improve bust size.